Every business wants to achieve paperless offices. For most the task of bulk digitising overflowing filing cabinets is just too much. That’s why intuindex offer a professional bulk Document Scanning Bureau Service. intuindex will do all the heavy lifting so that you can get rid of the rows of filing cabinets and boxes of paper documents. Your cluttered offices are transformed into clean and clear working spaces.

intuindex will solve you bulk digital archiving challenges

intuindex provides a Document Scanning Bureau Service for ongoing and once-off bulk scanning of documents. Our staff are experts at achieving high quality and consistency in bulk document capture. intuindex provide an end-to-end solution from fetching the documents through preparing and scanning the documents to delivering the scanned and indexed documents on secure media to the customer.

Benefits of using Document Scanner Bureau Services

  • Cheaper than storing paper
  • High speed retrieval of stored documents
  • Documents can be accessed for viewing, reprint or email
  • Cleaner office working environment with more space for operations
  • Reduced risk of document loss
  • Improved customer service Simultaneous access to documents by multiple users

Convenient, Professional and Secure Service

  • All paper and electronic files are stored securely to prevent unauthorized access
  • Documents and records are deleted from the intuindex servers after delivery to the customer
  • Destruction of physical documents as alternative for return to the customer

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